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Azures Mobile PWA Site Template Bootstrap 5

Azures Mobile PWA Site Template Bootstrap 5

Azures is a Mobile Site Template & PWA Powered by Bootstrap 5 The perfect Mobile Kit for your next Project. PWA ready for the latest web trends and powered by Bootstrap with a familiar and easy to use code. Azures is designed to look stunning on your Mobile Device, making it friendly for both iOS and Android devices. Powerful & Easy to Use

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Azures is a Mobile Site Template & PWA Powered by Bootstrap 5

The perfect Mobile Kit for your next Project. PWA ready for the latest web trends and powered by Bootstrap with a familiar and easy to use code. Azures is designed to look stunning on your Mobile Device, making it friendly for both iOS and Android devices.

Powerful & Easy to Use

Azures is incredibly powerful, running on reusable components with easy code, allowing you to copy and paste blocks to create the page you desire in minutes.

PWA – Progressive Web Application Ready

Add Azures to your Home Screen and enjoy it lie you would a native application. A gorgeous user interface that looks and feels like a premium native application.

Stunning Light Mode, Gorgeous Dark Mode

Azures remembers your choice for your next visit, if you select dark mode or light mode, you’ll still enjoy the best mobile user interface and mobile user experience possible.

Reusable, App Styled Components

We gave birth to the concept of App Styled components, now, with Azures, we’re taking it a step further with Azure’s Incredibly Powerful Mobile Kit

  • Ad Boxes
  • Ad Show on Scroll
  • Ads with Timers
  • Add to Home Banners and Badges
  • Accordions
  • Action Sheets & Action Modals
  • Auto Dark Mode
  • Buttons & Icons with tons of Styles
  • Back to Home Badge and Icon
  • Charts & Graphs powered by charts.js
  • Chips
  • Cookie Boxes and Consent Boxes
  • Cards with Gradients, Solid Colors or Background Images
  • Color Packs with Examples
  • Contact Form – Functional with AJAX
  • Collapse / Dropdown Elements
  • Dividers
  • Disqus Comments Integration
  • Emoji with Unicode
  • File Upload – Web API integrated
  • Facebook Comments Integration
  • Geolocation – Web API Integrated
  • Google Fonts – 600 to choose from
  • Header Styles with Badges and Multiple Layouts
  • Footer Bar Styles with Badges and Multiple Layouts
  • Gorgeous and Awesome Header & Footer Shapes
  • Image Effects on Tap – Scale, Grayscale, Blur
  • Images Preloaded & CSS Backgrounds Preloaded
  • Link Lists with Badge and iOS/Android Switch Support
  • List Groups with Icons and Multiple Styles
  • Notifications Styled like iOS, Android and Bootstrap
  • Notification Alerts Large or Small with or without Icons
  • OS Detection – show content based on iOS or Android
  • Online & Offline Detection and Banners
  • Quotes and Review Elements
  • QR Code Generator or pre-generate for your existing page
  • Pagination styles enhanced from Bootstrap
  • Preloaders with multiple styles and colors
  • Pricing Tables with multiple styles insertable in Carousel/Slider
  • Reading Time Calculator – estimated time to read page
  • Snackbars & Toasts, with multiple styles and designs
  • Sliders and Carousels, powered by enhanced OwlCarousel
  • Social Sharing with automatic link adding from the page you share
  • Search System, functional with any element finding options
  • Tabs designed like iOS and Android pills
  • User Lists & Groups with multiple styles
  • Working Hours – fully functional
  • Vibrate API integration for Android vibrate on tap

Media – Take your Images and Projects to Mobile

Azures media elements are created so you can integrate any design you want into your mobile while retaining the beautiful feeling of touching your work.

  • 3 Gorgeous Widescreen Galleries with Captions and Different Styles
  • Views Gallery – Select between 1, 2 or 3 columns per view
  • Filterable Gallery – Select the category you want to see in the gallery
  • Rounded & Squared Thumbnails – with captions, borders or polaroid effect
  • 6 Elegant Portfolio in One or Two Column Styles with captions, buttons, icons and different styles
  • Selected Portfolio/Project Item with Examples of Content ( can use any component )
  • Instant Portfolios – Similar to Facebook’s or Google’s Instant Articles on Mobile

Pages – Esential Pages designed to feel like a Native Mobile Experience

  • About Us
  • Careers / Jobs
  • Calendars & Schedule Box
  • Chat / Message Bubbles
  • Cover Page
  • Contact Page – Fully Functional
  • Coming Soon
  • 404 Page – 2 Styles
  • Event Cards & Event Details
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Instant Articles
  • Sign In / Login – Classic Screen
  • Sign In / Login – Background Screen
  • Sign Up / Register – Classic Screen
  • Sign Up / Register – Background Screen
  • Full Screen Map
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Timeline – Center Items
  • Timeline – Left Icon Style
  • Profile Classic
  • Profile Instagram Style
  • Profile Edit/Admin View
  • System Status
  • Todo Lists
  • Task Lists
  • Task Progress
  • Under Construction
  • Terms of Service
  • Wallet / Finance Page

Starters – Gorgeous Walkthroughs & Splash Screens

Azures comes ready with Starters and Walkthroughs, to give your users a gorgeous first impression and first visit to your page.

  • 4 Unique Splash Screens with Images, Icons or Classic Simple Buttons
  • 4 Unique and Versatile, multiple screen walkthroughs powered by a carousel to swipe to your next step

Azures is a Mobile Kit for Everyone

Packed with a incredibly friendly documentation, covering the entire feature list step by step and line by line to offer you the best and easiest integration to your project. Azures is designed and coded for even the most novice of users to enjoy!

Azures Powerful API & Programmatic Calls

If you’re a developer, you will love Azures. Powerful programmatic calls for Menus, Action Sheets and Modals, Snackbars and Toasts with multiple, powerful options that are explained in detail in our documentation to help you integrate Azures into any project you need. Our customers converted Azures to WordPress, Laravel, Droopal and other powerful CMS’. The code is classic, gorgeous and easy to use and understand and customize.

Azures is packed with the Best Support in the World

Enabled is renown on the marketplaces for providing the fastest and most hands on Support Possible. We are absolutely always here for our customers, even for the smallest question you may have! You can count on us!

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