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PayApp Wallet & Banking PWA Mobile Template

2 months ago - 21-03-2023 06:03:03
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PayApp Wallet & Banking PWA Mobile Template

PayApp is a complete solution for your finances oriented Mobile Website, App or PWA. Use it for personal finance platforms, wallet apps, crypto and more! A truly unique bootstrap 5 based mobile kit and PWA!

PWA Mobile – Progressive Web Application Ready

Add PayApp to your Home Screen and interact with it as you would with a native app! You won’t see any difference – it’s gorgeous.

PayApp’s navigation is the most modern you’ll find – based on the frosted glass effect, the footer menu is here to help your users make quick actions, while the sidebar navigation holds all the other pages needed for a complete user experience.

Highlights Switcher & Dark Mode – Choose Your Style

Change the entire look of PayApp with one single tap! 8 Colors to choose from that affect the highlighted elements to offer PayApp a personalised look and our favorite: The Dark Mode!

We carefully chose the colors of the dark mode to ensure a great contrast and to make sure it emphasise what matters most: your content!

Components – Reusable and Powerful

Create your own pages with Copy & Paste components. It’s that easy. Here are the components PayApp provides:

  • Add to Home
  • Accordions
  • Action Sheets
  • Alerts
  • Buttons
  • Cards
  • Charts
  • Columns
  • Colors
  • Collapse
  • Footer Bar
  • Header Bar
  • Grid Boxes
  • Menus
  • Input Fields
  • List Groups
  • Tab Bars
  • Tables
  • Typography

Page Templates – Ready for your Wallet App

Beside the amazing components we have, you can use the following pre-made pages. Don’t worry, we release constant updates with new and awesome page packs.

  • Classic Homepage Styles
  • SVG Wave Effect Homepage Style
  • Add Card
  • Single Card
  • Stacked Cards
  • Card Reports
  • Card Activity
  • Transfer Funds
  • Request Funds
  • Exchange Currency
  • Payments and Bills
  • Invoice Sample
  • Terms of Service
  • Profile and Account
  • Sign in x2 Styles
  • Sign up x2 Styles
  • Forgot and Recover x2 Styles

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